November Uptiding Report

Friday saw us having a few hours uptiding, To try a few marks that Dolly fancied. Having a late start at 10:00 Dolly, Dave,Perry and I headed out to the first mark. On arriving we dropped the anchor and baited up with Worm, Squid and cart.
As soon as the baits hit the bottom the fish were attacking the baits. We were catching steady away with the fish even coming up as double shots.
Whitby Charter Boat Trot OnThe fish ranged between 1lb-5lb we kept the the bigger ones and the deep hooked ones but returned the majority We fished from about 10:30 to 13:30 and ended up with about 30 or so fish between the 4 of us. The craic was top drawer with poor Perry catching the brunt of it.

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